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Here's one way to find out which photographer is the right fit for you.

First, consider your style. And ask yourself, is it a match to that particular photographer's photography style? Have a look through their Instagram feed and try to pinpoint what you like about that photographer? What is it that attracts you to their photography?


The above is one of the most critical questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for your family or wedding photographer.

"Is this photographer the right fit for me?"

It's ok if the answer is no!

My style may not be for everyone, and I'm ok with that. When hiring a photographer, it becomes more than just taking your picture. (any perfect stranger can do that for you) Hiring a professional means trusting them with FULL creative direction and knowing some personal details about you.

It would be best if you had the feeling that we go together like Peanut butter & jelly.

So here's one way to find out if I am the right fit for you.

1. You enjoy all the little things of life and appreciate the little moments you share as a couple or family.

2. You prefer a candid photo of genuine connection over a forced pose, smiling at the camera.

3. You look forward to having some adventure! You also love animals & enjoy being around nature.

4. You're not afraid to kick your shoes off and get your feet dirty, not afraid that the wind blowing will cause a strand of hair to fall out of place, and you're not worried that you might get your dress dirty. Because what's most important to you is the person you're holding, the fun you are sharing and the memories you are creating.

5. This one's short, but you like to be real, and you love to laugh!

I'm betting that I can get you to laugh so hard, you won't be able to feel your face.

If you said YES to all these five things, then we will make a good fit! & I'm so excited to meet you!!!

I'm sure that you have a couple of favourite photographers that you follow on Instagram! I dare you to go to their page, look through their feed, and try to identify what attracts you to their photography? Example: editing style, shooting style, or type of photography? (Fashion Photography, Fine-art photography, food photography, Landscape photography, Documentary?)


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