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Tips & Tricks For Taking Better Pictures. (perspectives)

Do you want to stop taking boring photos? I'm happy to share my tips and tricks to have more interesting photo albums on your camera roll. First let's talk about taking photos from different perspectives.

WELCOME FRIENDS! If this is the first time you're visiting my new blog, I'm excited to have you here! Honestly, I never used to be excited about blogging before, but lately, I've shifted my perspective ;) And now I'm so happy! Because moving forward, I'm writing new scheduled blog posts with purpose and with you in mind! If you enjoy reading today's post, please feel free to let me know what topics for tips & tricks you would like that I touch on in future posts.

Okay, back to talking about perspective.

Do you take your photos from the same angle every time? You know, when someone asks you to take their picture, and you take 10 of the same image? It's time to stop filling up space on your camera roll with the same photo and start taking a snapshot of your subject from a different perspective to liven up your photo album.

1.Take a picture from the perspective of someone on the outside looking in.

 "Frame your subject" - choose where (the backdrop) that you want your photos taken. In these photo examples, the location is our living room couch. I'm holding our bunny GusGus as our "baby," had the camera set to self-timer, and Brandon pressed the shutter button in this photo. He then told me to "look at the camera." Please, for the love of lifestyle-photography: Don't look at the camera! Haha, I want you to shake the constant need to look at the camera for every picture. Let's never interrupt a moment to look at the camera! Let's take those photos of you looking down at your baby, with the pure look of love in your eye, or looking at each other.  

2. From your perspective. Stay in the same positions as you were sitting on the couch, but have your husband take these pictures from your perspective. (photo of you looking at your baby). He would take this picture by standing behind you, overlooking your shoulder. 

3. From your husband's perspective. Have him take a photo from their view of you holding your baby. *These examples kill me that we used our little bunny in the place of a baby, but you get the point! 

If you are always thinking of taking pictures from different perspectives, this will be a game-changer, and it will improve the storytelling of your photos in your camera roll or photo album! 

I put this content together for new moms stuck at home during COVID with their newborn babies to take still great pictures even though I can't be there right now to take them for you.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you visit again soon!


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