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5 Things To Bring Along For Your Family Session.

Apart from what to wear for family photos, it's vital to know what to bring along for your shoot! Mom's worry that an hour photoshoot is too long, knowing that your little ones won't last a full hour looking & smiling at a camera. If that were my approach to family photography, then I would agree with you an hour would be much too long! I can guarantee, though, your kiddos will be engaged throughout the entire session, and the hour will go by much quicker than expected. Remembering to bring these five things will also help to make your session more enjoyable.

5 things to bring with with you to your family session.

If we're capturing your family photos outdoors, here are a few things I try to mention to every momma that they should bring. I will generally have a quick chat with you before the session to remind you and some of these things I might bring for you.

  1. A blanket to lay or sit on.

  2. Bottled water, we can't have anybody feeling thirsty or dehydrated in the middle of a session.

  3. A snack for your toddlers. It always makes for great photos, especially if it's the right kind of snack; as you can see in these photos, we had watermelon - Looks good in pictures, and I love how the juice drips and runs down a child's chin or hands and arms. Sure, it's a little messy, but it's realistic, and that's what we love!

  4. Your child's favourite toy, Teddy, or storybook! They will be thankful for this one later on when they look back through your family albums and remember how much they loved that teddy bear! Remember how you would read them that book every night at bedtime? These props also help you and your kids engage with each other during the session as naturally as possible.

  5. Bug repellent. If we are shooting close to sunset, the mosquitos tend to show up, and having to swat them away ruins the moment. So let's not let that happen ;)

In-home sessions are different, but I have tons of ideas for the perfect in-home family session as well, which I plan to share my tips later. I hope you found this blog post and checklist to be helpful when preparing for your next family session, and I hope I get to work with you and your family soon :)


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