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Post-Gallery Tips.

So, you've just received all your wedding photos! Now what?

I'm here to help!

As your wedding photographer, I promise to take the best care of your photos up until delivery. After that, I help you to take the best care of your pictures from then on.

Follow these easy steps & keep your photos safe.

Step 1. Download all your photos! Please don't wait to download it. Because YOU ARE going to keep your precious wedding day memories forever and ever! NOT ME

Step 2. I encourage my clients to back up all your photos! - Make sure you save them to a second computer or a hard drive. It's better to be safe than sorry; it would be heartbreaking to lose your images! So make doubly sure not to let that ever happen.

Now that you've backed them up, what's next? Do you leave all your beautiful wedding day images in a folder on your desktop? Rarely to be seen? I like to have pictures around our apartment to look at every day! It makes any house feel like home. It makes me happy.

Don't even get me started on albums! have you considered making custom made wedding album or coffee table book of your photos?? They're lovely, and I swear by them.

Please message me to learn more about custom albums! And other options available for your beautiful wedding images.

I hope you find this helpful.

Enjoy, and go show off your gorgeous photos!


Tanya Jane

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