Life Style Photographer | Fun In The Sun

September 8, 2016







Life Style Photographer | Fun In The Sun









I had so much fun collaborating with Sophie & Harriet from Lustic Life! I asked for them to help me out with a fun idea for a photo session. I envisioned our very own Seven Mile Beach, sun dresses, big sun hats, sun glasses, island drinks with umbrellas, coconuts and pineapples, and the ultimate floaties. Nothing says summer more; especially Cayman summers!



If by some miracle you haven't noticed its really hot out there!  No matter how much I reassure my clients that they are looking like a million dollars in every shot I take, they cant help but feel like a hot mess, melting like a popsicle!
That of course lead to the thought; my clients need to feel great during our sessions, but how can they feel great standing in the hot sand with the sun beaming down on them fully dressed? How can I make them feel great? Thats when I decided this summer I want to promote the ultimate Beach Mini Sessions!



Thanks so much to Sophie and Harriet for helping me to create exactly the kind of session I envisioned -  an island fun and playful under the sun kinda day.  You girls Rocked it!







XOXO Tanya Jane 






















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