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Joseph & Lisa - Thousand Islands Wedding | Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Joseph & Lisa - Thousand Islands Wedding | Ottawa Wedding Photographer

I'm often asked what's my favourite part of the wedding day? It's not a general answer, like it's not the getting ready, the first look, the ceremony, or reception. Each has its own special little moments, completely different from one to the next, but all meaningful and special - and those are my favourite parts! For example, one of my favourite details about Joseph & Lisa’s wedding was their venue. They were married at his grandparent's home. A house that has been in his family 4 generations! That’s where I took pictures of Lisa getting ready. As she came walking down the stairway, in her wedding dress, I’m snapping photos of her, while childhood photos of Joseph hang in the background. While they were dating, she would spend weekends with him here at his family’s summer home, on the river. I recall her description during one of our pre-wedding chats. She mentioned it would be meaningful to incorporate his father’s classic Chris Craft in some of the photos.

So, of course we did! They went out for a little boat ride just as they would during those summer days while they were dating.

But this time, as they pushed themselves off the dock, they popped open a bottle of champagne. I captured this particularly special boat ride moment for them, to have forever and always. Another: dancing their first dance where his parents probably had their first dance years before! I know that ’where’ they had their wedding was meaningful to them, and that was my favourite part!


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