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Phillip & Sarah - Roatan Wedding | Cayman Islands Photographer

Phillip & Sarah - Roatan Wedding | Cayman Islands Photographer

We were talking over coffee, and I asked her if there are any specific kind of shots they 'must have' of their wedding day, she said she'd love to have a photo with every guest in it! I thought to myself, that shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish if they have a receiving line, or during the dinner if they make the rounds to greet each table. But then I understood that she meant ONE shot with EVERYONE in it. I thought; I can't think of how I will make it work right now, but there must be a way, never say never! We talked more about it, and I said we would make it happen!

So here's how that shot turned out! This is not a drone shot - I put on my tallest pair of high heels on and took this photo... Just kidding ;)

After they were announced husband & wife, I took the mic and said: "Hi Everyone! At the request of the bride and groom, if everyone could please stay where you are, when Philip and Sarah reach the end of the aisle, turn around for one quick photo!"

I ran as fast as I could with my gear, up the stairs to a balcony of the restaurant, that looks over this beautiful ceremony, where their reception was held. That's where I stood and took this photo! I think it turned out better than I had imagined it would.

Normally I'm not one to grab the mic like I did, and take control of a situation. But I've been learning more and more with every wedding, that its better to be more involved, taking charge, not to hold back from being who I truly am - talkative, friendly, and bubbly, even at my job. I learned at their wedding, that It's better for me to be more like this as apposed to a 'fly on the wall' - although I met with Phillip & Sarah and clicked with them before their wedding day, their guests don't know who I am. If they don't see how approachable I am from the get go, how comfortable will they be when I'm taking their picture?

I have to say, it was so easy to be this way with a couple as cool as Philip & Sarah! With people as cool as ALL their guests!!! Shout out to the crew at table two! I was so pleased to have a seat at their table for dinner! ;) Never have I ever been asked to be in a photo at the dinner reception before, but I did at their wedding... scroll down to the end to see photo ;)

VENDORS: Wedding Coordinator: Keila Thompson - Las Verandas // Ceremony & Reception Venue: Las Verandas Hotel & Villas // Hair & Makeup: Ruth Godoy - Beauty Lounge Roatan // Florist: Niki - Every Day Flowers // Wedding Party Robes: Etsy // Brides Dress: Bijou Bridal Miami, Coral Gabels


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