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Styled Shoot - Bridal Inspiration | Ottawa Photographer

Styled Shoot - Bridal Inspiration | Ottawa Photographer

Just this past spring, I got together with some really fun, talented, incredible women in Ottawa - with their help I put together my very first styled-shoot.

I wanted to share a few images from this event and show off their talented work!

The goal was to bring girl bosses that I know from Ottawa together, who all rock at what they do. It was a first time experience for all of us working together. If you asked our models, they will tell you how much fun they had during the getting ready with our hair and make up artists, and how comfortable these two ladies made them all feel! I have pictures that convey what the vibe was like getting ready, but that's for another blog post to ;)

Latisha (Makeup Artist) and long time friend of mine - did an amazing job. After the shoot was over, I asked the three models what they thought of their hair and makeup. They raved about how light their makeup felt on their face, how it didn't feel over done, that they didn't feel like they looked like a different person. They all told me how she made them to look and feel flawless, and yet still felt like themselves. Simply enhancing their natural beauty. Each girl said, that they will no longer go to anyone else to have makeup done for any event: "I found my girl!".

Tamika (Hair Stylist) is Latisha's sister. If you are having trouble finding someone who can do both makeup and hair, or trying to find a makeup artist & a hair stylist separate, its hard to find... allow me to make your search a little easier. Tamika is talented at what she does! I would know, for one, because she did my own hair on my wedding day.

I have had so many brides in the past asking me for help, because they can't seem to find some one who can do what they want, and that they felt so disappointed with hair trials. I can't let this happen to you, how you feel has everything to do with how you look in photos. That's why, when my brides from Ottawa ask me to recommend a hair stylist, I recommend this girl, every time, hands down!

Ok, now lets talk flowers! When Amber (Florist) arrived with the flowers - a van load of bouquets, reefs, and head crowns. I was blown away by her work! Even though I already had an idea of what to expect from stalking her Instagram page. I fell in love with her work and style - so happy she was a part of this shoot! The girls were freaking out over the bouquets that Amber put together for them. About a week or so before the shoot, all I did was send a couple of photos to Amber of each girl in their dress - she came up with something that suited each of them PERFECTLY! I appreciate bouquets that look like they had just been picked from a field. I'm not sure how exactly to describe Ambers work, all I can say is that you'll love it.

I had envisioned the look and feel of this shoot to be natural and fun, and I think we accomplished that, with the help of each girl involved.

MODELS: Caitlin, Niki, and Brenna.

MAKEUP BY: Latisha

HAIR BY: Tamika


These photos are to show off our work! My first styled shoot ever was a success, and so, I'm already making plans for the next one. I have ideas to make the next one bigger, more fun, and not like any other "styled shoot" you've ever seen before! I'm pretty excited about it, and hope to work with each one of these girls again.


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