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The Pros to Having an Intimate Destination Wedding | Ottawa Photographer

The Pros To Having an Intimate Destination Wedding | Ottawa Photographer

Planning your wedding? What an exciting time! :) Are you at the point: deciding between a big wedding near home, or a small, intimate, destination wedding? Imagine saying to your significant other, "Darling, pack your bags, grab your passport & my hand, lets get married on an island somewhere!"

Of course there are advantages & disadvantages to either choice, but today I'm talking about the benefits of a destination wedding.

If you've landed on this page, I hope you find some helpful inspiration. Chuck & Rebecca were married in the Cayman Islands, I had the pleasure of being their wedding photographer. They had a very simple ceremony, joining them only their closest family and friends! I appreciated this aspect about their wedding, because, for the rest of us who had a big wedding, well we all have some regrets, and thats the truth. It could be little things: perhaps you would not have spent so much money on stationary, or maybe looking back, you regret not spending the money on a better photographer, or videographer! Not having the time to spend quality time with each of your guests? Wish you had not sweat the small stuff as much as you really did? It's ok, we all do it! This is one reason why I am so fond of destination weddings, and intimate ceremonies, because you focus on whats important.

Second reason why I love destination weddings - cut the cost! Ok, I know hotels and flights and dinner are still a huge expense, but isn't that the same cost as a honeymoon? Why not plan your destination wedding somewhere you would like to honeymoon? If you don't have a huge guest list, and you keep the details really simple, well, what's left to regret? No better way to start off your life together than that. It didn't matter how small the wedding, I still captured every moment of their beautiful day, from the getting ready, to the sun setting!

So let me ask you something - After reading this, would you be convinced to plan a destination wedding? We all love the idea of the royal-like wedding, but there are definitely interesting advantages to the small intimate one. Hair & MakeUp by:


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