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The Best Family Photography Experience | Ottawa Photographer

The Best Family Photography Experience | Ottawa Photographer

Want to know what my fear is as a photographer? I fear when people inquire about props for their family session. I'm not kidding, that is my fear. I should say, it used to be. I've learned over the years the importance of good communication between myself and my clients - it's important for me to know your vision and for you to have a sense and idea for my style of photography!

I used to panic when asked about bringing props to a session, because I would picture in my mind these really cheesy images found on Pinterest. Like a child sitting or standing still, holding or pretending to play with some sort of fake object while looking at the camera... let me tell ya, I've photographed sessions like it before. Mom wanted all these "props" and their kids dressed in cute little costumes, (that most likely will never be worn again.) They've posed their child sitting down to look just perfect, as they run to stand behind me calling out "look here sweetie, look at the camera!" This is my palm to forehead moment... because my mind would go blank. I would take nice pictures for you, sure, but I was not applying any creativity!

I've done all types of family sessions, and I have to tell you some honest truth. The forced smiles, and posed images are never the favourites.

When I am able to use my creative ability: I get excited - and that's when the magic happens! When families come to me and say: "we would love to have our family photographed by you, but we don't have any ideas, and will need some direction." I get excited, because I want to share my ideas, and I want to help my clients! I want you to have the best experience possible. I know with my approach on family photography, I can make that possible! I start by asking you what kind of activities do you enjoy doing together as a family? And by getting to know each individual family, I am then able to make each family session different, authentic, and original. I know that they are going to have photos for the walls of their home that are real, and that portray them! Nothing generic, that can easily be found on Pinterest...

My approach is very simple: that everyone feels comfortable, and that everyone has fun! How do I do this? I don't "force" the moments. It doesn't work that way, a moment happens naturally, and that is the approach. Naturally. Kids are kids right? So let them be! If they are happy running around, then chase them! If they are happy to wear their favourite Super Hero / Disney Princess costume, then let them! If they are happy to play a game, play with toys, read a story, take a nap, have a snack... You get the idea! I am here to take pictures of your family and of your life together! They are real, timeless, and those are memories for both you, and them. I don't have to think to hard about what sort of props to bring for your session. After getting to know each other, ideas for your next family session will come naturally, and the possibilities are endless.

Do you think we'd make a good fit? Are you thinking that your family is over due for some family portraits? If you are reading this right now, and nodding along, as you said yes, and yes to both those questions, well then you're really going to like what I am about to say next!

For those who have come on here to read this blog post for the next month, will receive 50% OFF their family session booked during the following dates: May13th - May25th 2018 Locations: Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

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