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Take Me Back To Italy | Ottawa Photographer

Take Me Back To Italy | Ottawa Photographer

I keep reliving in my head the recent adventures we had in Italy! Brandon and I traveled to witness, and celebrate the marriage of Phil & Angela.

What a beautiful wedding, and a perfect weekend spent in the very south of Italy. Time spent relaxing before and after the wedding with friends in the vineyards of our Agriturismo, exploring sights in the little towns and streets of Zambrone and Tropea - and of course, at Tropea's beach!

As a photographer, my creative mind was overwhelmed, wanting nothing more thank to take pictures of absolutely everything! Yet at the same time, knowing the importance of being reasonable. Finding the balance between taking pictures of our memories, and also being part of them - enjoying them in the moment. Relaxing, and to appreciate taking in this experience with just my own eyes, and not always holding a camera in my hands. The struggle was real, friends! I think I balanced the two well.

I'm sure right now our friends are thinking the same thing as us... thinking "I wish we could go back." "I wish we could do it again" or "I wish we had stayed longer".

We all do this, there's no denying that. I am absolutely guilty of this! When our trip came to its end, I said: "I wish I took MORE pictures!"

Why do we do this to ourselves?

A friend recently said something to me, that has complete changed my perspective. I think whenever we start feeling melancholy over happy times coming to an end; we should remember this: "sad that its over, but happy that it happened!"

It's so true, why am I sad? It was amazing, and it happened! It was an enjoyable and memorable experience, that's what it's about.

I know it was an unforgettable experience for all, and I wouldn't change anything about this adventure. It will be totally different from then next.

I know there will be a next! ;)

I will leave it at that! I hope these photos give you just a little hint of what we had tasted... until next time.

XOXO Tanya


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