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Ottawa Photographer | Destination Cuba Libre

Ottawa Photographer | Destination Cuba Libre

Lately it feels as though my hubby and I have been adventuring off this island quite a bit so far this year, and I have not one complaint about it! Let me tell ya, I LOVE to travel! once you go some place foreign for the first time, I think you get what they call the travel bug? At least thats what I've got bit by anyways. I'm not talking about cruises, and all inclusive resorts, I'm talking learning the culture, really experiencing it. Theres no other way to do that than to jump right in: learn about the history, the culture, learn how to say a few phrases in the language, stay in hostels in the towns where the locals live, find your own way around the city streets, ask the locals where they like to eat and drink.

Thats what we did in Cuba, and here's where our recent travel adventures began. Our Cuba adventures took place in Havana.

Tonight Brandon and I were sitting down in our living room and got to talking about Havana, and what we loved about it the most. Our memories consist of walking around the dirty streets that the people are sweeping, clothes are line-drying above our heads as we are walking. Buildings so colorful and old, as well as the cars zipping on by! The live music in the bars, and the city

Of course,

Until next time Cuba!

XOXO Tanya


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