• Tanya Jane

Mikayla & Josh | Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Mikayla & Josh | Ottawa Wedding Photographer

A new chapter in the story of Josh & Mikayla begins... I'm not much of a writer at all, I really don't have a way with words. Here's what I do: I tell my stories through photographs, this is my art, what I love! This Wedding story is so close to my heart, and important to me that I really tell it well. This black & white photograph of the bride speaks to me, and this is exactly what I thought when taking this photo...I imagined she must be thinking of the day's events unfolding. Until now, she had only dreamed it! I imagined the same look on her face as they drove away from their lit-up-night sky in the rear view mirror. I can picture her looking out the window with that same look in her eye, reliving it all. Perhaps she's remembering the first time they hung out at her house that day, down to the moment she knew he was her forever. When he got down on one knee and asked her to spend it with him. Maybe she thought about their rehearsal the day before, how she teared up when her father asked that she "walks slower down the aisle tomorrow", before he’s gives her away. Thinking back to the moments before floating down the aisle in her wedding dress, amongst all their loved ones. How she hoped that Josh would cry when he saw her - which he didn’t, but did stumble over his vows. Everyone in attendance laughed, so she wasn't so nervous anymore about messing up hers! This put a grin on her face, and then she began thinking about the speeches & how much they meant to her! Or, at last, their first dance! Maybe she was thinking of the lyrics to the song and what it meant to be in each other's arms - under the twinkly lights above, and how she'll never forget that feeling. Maybe she was looking back at the moment they found a quiet spot to just sit and watch all their guests dance - taking the night in. Perhaps she thought about all of those things as they drove off down the road, or maybe none at all. Her thoughts are not in the past, but to all the things ahead!

XOXO Tanya Jane

Venue: Madsens Greenhouse

Florist: Mid Valley Gardens

Makeup Artist: The art of makeup and hair


S P E C I A L I Z I N G   I N    W E D D I N G   &   F A M I L Y   P H O T O G R A P H Y   I N   G R A N D   C A Y M A N