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Woman's Beauty Portraits | Ottawa Photographer

Woman's Beauty Portraits |Ottawa Photographer

Ladies, thank you for stopping by the blog. If you’ve found yourself here, I hope its because you were inspired by my little behind the scenes clips to come and take a look. And after taking a look at this beautiful mother/daughter portrait session, I hope it inspires you to have your portraits taken with me.

The reason I chose a mother and her daughter to take portraits of was to show you that I want to individually capture women in film on their own, as they are right now in their life, at any age or stage. Whether they're girls, young ladies, or woman. I also want to show you the value in having professional self portraits.

It matters that you do this, right now at this point in your life, for either you or your daughter, your mother, sisters, for the women in your life. I want you to have beautiful images of yourself to hold in your hands, hang on your wall, give to your loved ones. I want girls of todays generation to get rid of their selfie sticks, find their inner goddess.

I want you to have pictures of yourselves in an un apologetic act of self love.

In order to do a portrait session like this, I get to know who you are, see your understanding of yourself. Hearing and listening to you helps me put my creative spin on your images and show you yourself without the clouds of other perceptions changing what you see. This is a personal shoot, and there is nothing more valuable than that.

Contact me personally at to discuss and plan the details of your shoot, and to book your Woman's Beauty Portrait session!

xoxo Tanya Jane


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