• Tanya Jane

Family Lifestyle Photography | Ottawa Photographer

Family Lifestyle Photography | Ottawa Photographer

There is so much that I just loved about this family session!

To start off with, I find so much joy in photographing families with small children. This is one of the great parts of being a lifestyle family photographer; toddlers are such busy little people, so unpredictable, and yet you still can have such a strong connection with them. You can plainly see in these photographs the bond between this little sweet heart and her mom and dad. I am so grateful for the ability to draw her attention towards my camera and capture her emotion or expression in that instant moment, otherwise it would be gone in the blink of an eye!

Now let me tell you why location sessions give me more ability and opportunity for those real quality shots. Little ones are so curious all the time! So when I take families on a location, this gives them all the space they need to run, play, and have fun, naturally as kids do. It gives them the freedom to explore, and to get distracted with all thats around them in the great out doors! As for me I am just following them around with my camera, waiting for that perfect shot, not knowing how it will unfold, but knowing that it will!

What was it that was particularly special about photographing this session? It was exciting times for mom, dad and for this little girl too, who is a soon to be big sister! Whether or not she is too young to recognize that, these photos will be something precious to her one day. More love, life, and joy to be shared in this beautiful growing family! And to see it in these stages, these milestones are to keep forever!

XOXO Tanya Jane


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