• Tanya Jane

Hung Up In The Maternity Ward | Ottawa Photographer

Hung Up In The Maternity Ward | Ottawa Photographer

I'm proud, no matter how small this may seem, that my work hangs in the maternity ward of the George Town hospital in Grand Cayman! Life style photography is my niche, and photographing Weddings and Families is what I do best. I never though I would develop the art or skill of newborn photography. However, over the past few months I have been spending a lot of my time practicing this art, that I have a new found respect for! I truly think that of all avenues of photography, newborn photography or (baby art) is the most challenging! Even at the start of my career I never feared shooting weddings, but I did fear babies... Fear no more!

I'm not calling my self a master, but the fact that my work is now good enough to be hanging in the maternity ward in the hospital, that must say something. I'm making huge progress! I've had to learn a lot before putting all that learning to practice. A lot of what I know about newborn photography I've learned from Daria Keenan, one of the photographers I admire most especially when it comes to photographing newborns! Now, knowing what it takes to be a newborn photographer, I have deep respect for those who do baby photography full time.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the Photos!

XOXO Tanya Jane


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