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Ottawa Photographer | Caribbean Style Boudoir

Ottawa Photographer | Caribbean Style Boudoir

Let me paint a picture for you;

You're a woman who's getting married. Or you have been working her butt off at the gym, wanting to reward herself for all her hard work. Or you're a woman on the go who never has the time for YOU: a boudoir session is the ultimate experience.

When a woman books a boudoir session, theres a little part of her doing this just for herself. Why not? Sexy is confidence, and every woman with confidence should flaunt it and own it! This boudoir session that did just that.

These photographs were taken at Spotts beach right here in the Cayman Islands, and I love the way they turned out. I want to show my boudoir clients just how gorgeous they truly are! I want them to love what they see because that is who they are, and I'm confident that I accomplished exactly that with this shoot!

If you want to book a boudoir session for what ever the case may be, call me and we will chat about YOUR boudoir session, what you hope to get out of it and how I can help to make that happen.

XOXO TanyaJane


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