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Ottawa Family Photographer | A Race Against The Sun

Ottawa Family Photographer | A Race Against The Sun

I took these Photographs of my husband and his two little sisters during their visit from Montreal to the Cayman Islands, right in the middle of our busy season for work. My husband and I are non stop on the go with our busy schedules. Between work, and spending every spare moment we had with our family, our home was just one tent away from being a full blown circus. Trying to juggle everything yet still being together. How we managed to do so, I have no idea! Especially this one particular day. We had several things to do, many places to be, and not enough time in a day to do it ALL.

I take pictures all the time of families together. What I wanted was to take some of my own! I desired to capture golden hour photos before the end of the girls trip. My goal was to have some updated portraits as a surprise for mom of her three beautiful kids! This was their last day, so my last opportunity to do so. Time was not on my side, this turned me into a drill sergeant... "LET'S GO GO GO!" I wanted to get the shots using only natural light. We were a few minutes past the ideal time for perfect golden light, so with the last few rays left hanging in the sky, before the sun disappeared, here's what turned out of it.

xoxo Tanya


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