• Tanya Jane

Ottawa Family Photographer | Backus Girls In Cayman

Ottawa Family Photographer | Backus Girls In Cayman

A girls-only trip to Cayman. Heather and her two daughters: Mikayla and little Chloe's first time visiting the beautiful Cayman Islands. They requested to have a photo shoot with me during their getaway from Canada. I wanted to combine two different styled sessions with the girls. I started by doing what I love best: a lifestyle shoot, but to combine that with a posed portrait session.

A lifestyle shoot allows my clients to choose normal day to day activities that they would do together as a family. I don't want them to be concerned about the presence of me and my camera. For example: here I am just capturing the real moments between three girls enjoying their ice cream and outing in the park.

A posed portrait session offers a little more direction from myself, the photographer with a curated backdrop location. I had so much fun shooting this session with the girls. It's so important to feel comfortable and to have a connection with your photographer! I got to see the girls laugh, be themselves, have a little fun, and most importantly make some new memories. Thank you Heather, Mikayla and Chloe for being adventurous, spontaneous, and for trusting your photographer. Oh, and for making this an enjoyable experience for me too!

XOXO, Tanya Jane


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