• Tanya Jane

Ottawa Family Photographer | Captivated By Stormy Seas

Ottawa Family Photographer | Captivated By Stormy Seas

During his entire Family vacation in Grand Cayman, Blake was so afraid of even getting close to the water! One grey and windy day, Blake was captivated by the giant waves rolling onto the beach. Paying no attention to me, my camera, or his fear: Blake started jumping and chasing the waves with his Dad! My advice is not to force a smile, it will come naturally.

These are the photos that my clients love! These are the photos that parents say they want printed, and canvased. Believe me that these are the memorable ones that you will hold dear to your heart. My advice to Parents, when you book your photo shoot session with me, treat it as an ordinary beach day with your kids. Remember, if you are relaxed and having fun, so will your kids. There is no need to remind them to “smile, smile!” I will be there to help you, and make this an enjoyable experience for the whole Family. Thank you for trusting your photographer!

XOXO Tanya Jane


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