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Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Cody & Michelle's Cayman Destination Wedding

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Cody & Michelle's Cayman Destination Wedding

Cody & Michelle married in the Cayman Islands, at Grand Cayman's luxury oceanfront boutique hotel: The Caribbean Club. How lucky I am to have been the one to photograph the magical moments of this beautiful couple's wedding day. It began with the girls getting ready in the stunning Caribbean Club. I loved the mood of the late morning getting ready with the girls before the wedding: sipping on Champagne, laughter, fun conversation, and getting pampered. So relaxing, no better way to do it!

After checking up on the boys, making sure they were also getting ready and on schedule, off we went for the first look! I had Cody set up at West Bay dock, overlooking the ocean, waiting for his bride. This is where I brought Michelle to meet her man. The entire day was filled with love and emotion, but the part I loved the most: I'm standing a ways back, with my long lens, capturing the moment that is perfectly theirs!

After the first look, I had the wedding party come meet us at the dock for more photos, then I stole the Bride and Groom away, driving them from location to location for their wedding portraits! I took them to my secret location where my favourite photos of them were taken. I was excited that they were so easy going and adventurous, I lead them down this narrow gated path to a wide open space. An over grown field was waiting for them, behind someone's home.

I could tell by the curious looks on their faces, I had them wondering if we were trespassing. They didn't ask where I was taking them, and I did not explain where we were. However after taking some beautiful shots, and heading back to the car, I confessed to the curious couple:

"I told my husband this morning that I was going to take you guys to our house for some portraits, he didn't believe me. So, yes, that was our back yard!"

They laughed in relief: "We were wondering if someone would come out of the house, yelling to get off their property!"

Heading off to get these two married now! Their ceremony was on the beach, where family and friends awaited them. Walking down the aisle, exchanging vows and saying their I-DOs was the moment they had all been waiting for. Congratulations Cody and Michelle on tying the knot! It was easy to see, as I snapped one photo after another, that Cody and Michelle are two beautiful people, who are no doubt meant for each other!

I didn't want to leave the sight behind me of everyone dancing their hearts out at the reception! However, I loved every moment that I got to spend with you guys on your special day! Cody and Michelle: Thank you for trusting me with photographing your most special day!

XOXO Tanya Jane


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