• Tanya Jane

Ottawa's best family photographer | Charland Family at West Bay Beach

Ottawa's best family photographer | Charland Family at West Bay Beach

I had so much fun with the Charland Family at West Bay Beach; the ideal shoot I would ever want of a family with kids. Allow me to explain what I mean by ideal: What I loved about this session was that they were totally relaxed, but ready to have fun! As you can see they were not concerned about getting wet or dirty. In fact, they were even willing to for the sake of a good photo! I LOVED that. You can't be too concerned about the smallest little details. Especially when you want to get those natural beautiful moments on the beach with your family. With such a laid back atmosphere, I felt like not one precious moment was lost.

Knowing that they were headed to the beach for their family photos, they brought a few things to make it family fun. Shovels and buckets, and tools to build sandcastles. Of course, as you know if you have young children, to keep their attention you need distractions. This is something I will always recommend to my clients who have little ones. Bring some toys or anything to keep your child's interest engaged, their interaction is important. Another reason why I recommend this, is because when you have something to keep the whole family busy, or involved, such as activities - nothing feels forced, it's natural! You're comfortable. I am able to capture the candid moments that make the perfect photo! So good job Mom and Dad!

What can I say about these kids? Jace has no fear of the ocean, and Ava is such a doll! He loves the water, and runs straight for it. He clumsily races down the beach, not as stable as he wished. He gets this goofy little smile on his face the more he's covered with sand.

One of the sweetest little girls I've ever gotten to know. Just as every little girl should, she believes she's a princess. and even though she's just a little person, when you're speaking to her your impressed by the way she's delights in conversation as a young lady.

XOXO Tanya Jane


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